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Mindfulness in Higher Education

Planting the Seeds of Mindfulness
As educational leaders, it is our responsibility to plant the seeds of mindfulness and compassion in our work, schools and culture.  Many disciplines in higher education, such as science, medicine, psychology, religious studies and the arts have tools that can assist in this intention because they help the individual recognize the calmness of mind and with keen awareness notice stress and shifting to calm in order to make wise choices.  They also contribute to the development and awareness of a spirit of community, where we understand how our behavior contributes for the benefit of the whole.


Resources on Mindfulness and Education

University of Virginia Hosptial Mindfulness Program

Contemplative Mind in Society

Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership

National Study of College Students on Spirituality

Berkana Institute

Emotional Intelligence Consortium

Bright Light Foundation


Second Nature

Systems Thinking