engaging traditions: ontologies in practice

Graduate Student Conference
Sunday 15th, 2002

University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia U.S.A.


10:00 am
Ian Curran, Emory University
"Long, Milbank and the Specter of Marx in Radical Orthodoxy"

Minor Hall 125

Milton Welch, University of Virginia
"Karlheinz Stockhausen: the Ontology of a Musical Aesthetic"

Pavilion VIII

11:00 am
Ward Blanton, Yale University
"Nietzsche and D.F. Strauss: Historical Jesus as Media Effect"

Minor Hall 125

Andrea Dickens, University of Virginia
"Love, Ontology and Mysticism"

Pavilion VIII

Lunch (provided)
Pavilion VIII

1:30 pm
Daniel Barber, Duke University
"Derrida's Circumfession: the Ethical Supplementation of Phenomenology"
Minor Hall 125

2:30 pm
Discussion I: Zizek and the Question of Nihilism
Minor Hall 125

Discussion II: Hardt, Negri and the Ontology of Immanence
Pavilion VIII

All participants are invited to participate in the 2:30 discussions.


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