Organizations That Learn




Journal Prompt




In addition to the general readings for this week we suggest that you begin pulling together a bibliography that is specific to your group’s purpose. Feel free to use other groups, instructors or people outside the course as resources.

Please submit via e-mail the results of both activities from the last session: your group’s articulation of its purpose, principles, BHAG, vision (vivid description or image) and first steps; steering group tasks and priorities.

Hock's Elements in Context

In one of the first readings for the course Hock lays out a set of “elements” that need to be iteratively developed in the course of creating a learning organization: purpose, principles, people, concept, structure, practice. Reflect on these elements in the context of your own group or the class as a whole. Do they suggest issues which need further attention? Has the experience of the past three sessions changed your understanding of these elements and the role they play in organizations?


One of the core hypotheses of this course is that feedback is critical to learning and the success of an organization that learns. Since this is what we’re trying to build, we’d like you to reflect on your experience in the course over the past three weeks from an individual, group and organizational (i.e., class) perspective and consider:

Note: If you would like to open your Journal area up to your team or to the class, send me an e-mail.


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