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These pictures represent the learning that can take place outside of a classroom. They were taken on April 15, 2005 at the Charlottesville Senior Center. The students are from Johnson Elementary. Both the elementary students and the adults wrote stories about their pets to be shared at this event. Not only was it an enjoyable experience for all, but the students were able to develop their writing skills through the development of their stories, practice public speaking, develop peer appropriate peer interactions in a setting other than the classroom, learn a little bit more about the community where they live and learn about positive role models (which they may or may not see otherwise). When it is realized that the learning organization of a school encompasses much more than just the students and the teachers in the building, true learning can occur. The administration, parents, and every member of the community are all part of the learning organization and should enroll in the idea of getting involved to teach our children.

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My Dog Lex
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Dog Named Angel

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My Dog Spot
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