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Blackboard is a distance learning technology that supports a number of useful functions including discussion forums, virtual chat rooms, group communication tools and much else.

Electronic Journals

To access your electronic Journal. Log onto Blackboard using the directions included below. Select "Groups," click on your first name, choose "Group Discussion Board," and click on "Journal."

To add a new journal entry Click the "Add New Thread” button and enter the date and any additional entry information in the "Subject" line. Create or paste your Journal entry into the "Message" area. When your entry is complete click the "Submit" button on the lower right of the screen. Note that you can paste directly from a word-processed document (e.g., Word, Wordpad, Word Perfect) but any special formatting will be lost. For backup purposes we recommend that you first create your Journal entry on a word processor and then past it to the Journal.











Privacy Your Journal areas are (relatively) private. Only you, and the course instructors can view your entries. If you would like complete privacy in this area it’s easy to arrange: just send an email to and I'll remove all other group members (i.e., the instructors)

Logging onto Blackboard for the First Time

Username:  same as UVa computing ID (for example, mine is rhp4m)
Password:  <first initial><last initial><first 3 digits of SSN><2-digit month of birth><2-digit day of birth>
Example:  Marvin Gaye was born on 2 April and his (fictitious) SSN is 119-22-6310.  His password would be mg1190402


If you have difficulties logging in send me an email at  Note that if you registered for OTL within the past week you may not yet entered into the Blackboard database.

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