Scott W. Desposato

Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA 92093-0521

Tel: 858-534-3548

Professional Preparation

B.A. 1990 University of California at Berkeley Political Science
M.A. 1995 University of California at Los Angeles Political Science
C.Phil. 1998 University of California at Los Angeles Political Science
Ph.D. 2001 University of California at Los Angeles Political Science
Harvard University Comparative Politics


2005-date Assistant Professor, University of California, San Diego
2001-2005 Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
2002-2004 Harvard Academy Scholar, Center for International Affairs, Harvard University
2000-2001 Fellow, Center for the Study of Democratic Politics, Princeton University
1999-2000 Research Fellow, Harvard-MIT Data Center, Harvard University
1999 Visiting Scholar, National University of Brasil
1999 Visiting Scholar, Federal University of Salvador, Brazil

Publications: directly related

Desposato, Scott W. 2003. “The Impact of Federalism on National Political Parties in Brazil.” Forthcoming, Legislative Studies Quarterly.

Desposato, Scott W. 2001. "Legislative Politics in Authoritarian Brazil". Legislative Studies Quarterly. XXVI:287-317.

Crisp, Brian and Scott Desposato. 2003. “"Constituency Building in Multimember Districts: Collusion or Conflict?” Forthcoming, Journal of Politics.

Desposato, Scott W. 2003. “"Parties for Rent? Careerism, Ideology, and Party Switching in Brazil's Chamber of Deputies" Under Review.

Desposato, Scott W. 2003. “Could SMD Solve Brazil's Political Problems? A Comparison of the Brazilian Senate and Chamber of Deputies". Working Paper for journal submission.

Publications: other significant

Desposato, Scott W. 2003. “Comparing Group and Subgroup Cohesion Scores: A Nonparametric Method with an Application to Brazil”. Forthcoming. Political Analysis.

Desposato, Scott W and John R. Petrocik. 2003. “The Variable Incumbency Advantage: New Voters, Redistricting, and the Personal Vote”. Forthcoming, American Journal of Political Science.

Brown, David, Christopher Brown, and Scott Desposato. 2002. “Left Turn on Green? International NGO’s, Social Capital, and Voting Behavior.” Comparative Political Studies. 35(7): 814-838.

Petrocik, John R., and Scott W. Desposato. 1998. "The Partisan Effects of Majority-Minority Districting, 1992-1994". Journal of Politics. V60 (August): 613-633.

Synergistic Activities

Legislative Representation in Brazil: Built original dataset of roll-call votes in two national and five subnational Brazilian legislatures.

Organizer: Faculty Workshop, University of Arizona.

Service to the Latino Community Award, El Concilio del Condado de Ventura, 1991.

Collaborators & Other Affiliations

Collaborators and Co-Editors

David Brown

J. Christopher Brown

Brian Crisp

John Petrocik

David Samuels

Andres Schedler

Graduate and Postdoctoral Advisors

Barbara Geddes, UCLA

John Londregan, Princeton

John Petrocik, University of Missouri-Columbia

Samuel Huntington, Harvard University

Thesis advisor to:

MA Thesis Committee: Chris Lukasevich, Special Forces, United States Army