Marcus Kreuzer

Department of Political Science
Villanova University
Villanova, PA 19085

Tel: 610-519-5300

Professional Preparation

B.A. 1987 University of British Columbia-Canada Political Science (with honors)
M.Sc. 1988 London School of Economics European Studies (with distinction)
Ph.D. 1995 Columbia University Comparative Politics


1998-date Assistant Professor, Villanova University
1998 Visiting Assistant Professor, Barnard College
1997 Acting Chair, Institute on Western Europe, Columbia University
1996-1997 Mellon Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Columbia University
1996 Visiting Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College
1995 Junior Visiting Fellow, Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Vienna)
Spring 1995 Visiting Assistant Professor, McGill University, Canada
Fall 1994 Instructor, Columbia University

Publications: directly related

Marcus Kreuzer and Vello Pettai. “Calculus of Party Affiliation in Post-Communist Democracies,” (under review).

Marcus Kreuzer and Vello Pettai. 2003. “Patterns of Political Instability. Party System Institutionalization in Postcommunist Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Studies in Comparative International Development. 2003, 38/2 (Summer): 73-95.

Marcus Kreuzer and Vello Pettai. 1999. "Party Politics in the Baltic States: Social Base and Institutional Context." East European Politics and Society, 13/1 (Winter) 148-89.

Marcus Kreuzer and Vello Pettai. 2001. "Institutions and Party Development in the Baltic States," in Party Development and Democratization. Paul Lewis, ed., London: Frank Cass: 107-26.

Marcus Kreuzer . 2000. "Personal Vote, Party Vote and Electoral Institutions: Explaining Differences of Conservative Parties in Japan, France, Britain, Austria and Germany." Party Politics 6/4 (October): 487-504.

Publications: other significant

Marcus Kreuzer . “Post-war Germany’s Personalized Proportional Representation: Institutional Engineering in the Shadow of Weimar,” in Electoral Systems and Choice Josep Colomer ed. (New York: Palgrave, forthcoming).

Marcus Kreuzer . “Und Sie Parliamentarisiert Sich! Die Entwicklung der kaiserlichen Verfassungsordnung in vergleichender Perspektive,” in Parliamentarismus in Europe im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert Marie-Luise Recker, Hrsg. (Munich: Oldenbourg Verlag, forthcoming).

Marcus Kreuzer . 2001. Institutions and Innovation: Voters, Interest Groups and Parties in the Consolidation of Democracy. France and Germany, 1870-1939 (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press).

Marcus Kreuzer . 1999. "Coping with Mass Politics: Electoral Institutions, Party Innovation and Liberals in France and Germany" Social Science History. 23/2 (Summer): 211-40.

Marcus Kreuzer . 1998. “Political Organization, Electoral Institutions and Party Development: French and German Socialists and Mass Politics, 1870s-1930s,” Comparative Politics. 30/3 (April): 273-92.

Synergistic Activities

Development of Database of Party Affiliation in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Cooperation with political scientists in the Baltics

Electoral Data Collections (district level electoral data) of three, small, underresearched countries

Dissemination of research findings in Estonia, Latvia and Lithunia

Collaborators & Other Affiliations

Vello Pettai, Lecturer of Political Science, University of Tartu, Estonia.

Ira Katzenelson, Columbia University

Lisa Anderson, Columbia University

Mark Kesselman, Columbia University