Gail McElroy

Department of Political Science
Trinity College Dublin
1 College Green
Dublin 2, Ireland

Tel: 353-1-608-1029

Her work focuses primarily on comparative legislative behavior and party organizations, employing innovative econometric techniques to explore questions relating to party switching and the evolution of legislative rules. Research and teaching interests are in political methodology and comparative political institutions.

Professional Preparation

B.A. 1994 Dublin University, Trinity College History and Political Science (Moderatorship, Honours)
M.Sc. 1995 London School of Economics Comparative Politics (with distinction)
C.Phil. 1998 University of Rochester Political Science
Ph.D. 2003 University of Rochester Political Science (methodology and comparative politics)


2001-date Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Trinity College Dublin
Spring 2001 Instructor, Department of Political Science, University of Rochester


Gail McElroy and Michael Marsh. 2003. “Why the Opinion Polls got it Wrong in 2002” in M.Gallagher, M.Marsh and P.Mitchell, How Ireland Voted. New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

Synergistic Activities

Interdisciplinary Co-operation in Research: Citizens, Identity, and Governance in the European Union. McElroy is currently co-ordinator of this multi-disciplinary project along with Michael Bruter (London School of Economics) and Lauren McLaren (Nuffield College Oxford). This “network of excellence”, reaching over 15 countries, is a comprehensive study of citizenship, identity and governance in the European Union. The network is dedicated to the resolution of some of the main paradoxes faced by scholars from a variety of disciplines (political science, public administration, economics, philosophy, history, sociology, discourse analysis, cultural studies, and international relations) regarding the status and behaviour of the citizens of the European Union.

McElroy is also a Research Associate with the Institute for International Integration Studies at Trinity College, Dublin. This multidisciplinary center is committed to developing new theoretical and empirical perspectives on the many dimensions of the integration process.

Database Development: McElroy has constructed an original database of members of the European Parliament for the entire history of the directly elected Parliament. Several others, including databases of party switchers, legislative offices and committee positions, supplement this database. These datasets will be a major benefit to all scholars of legislative behavior, party organization and party switching.

Collaborators & Other Affiliations

Collaborators and Co-Editors

Michael Marsh, Trinity College Dublin

Lawrence Rothenberg, Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University

Michael Bruter, London School of Economics

Lauren McLaren, Nuffield College, Oxford University

Graduate and Postdoctoral Advisors

G. Bingham Powell Jr., University of Rochester

David Weimer, University of Wisconsin, Madison