Norman Schofield

Washington University
Department of Economics, Campus Box 1208
St. Louis, Missouri 63130

Tel: 314-935-4774
Fax: 314-935-5686

Professional Preparation

B.Sc. 1965

Liverpool University

Physics (with distinction)
B.Sc. 1966 Liverpool University Mathematics (with honors)
Ph.D. 1976 Essex University Government
Ph.D. 1985 Essex University Economics
Litt. D. 1986 Liverpool University  
  1991 Universite de Caen, Doctorat d’Etat en Sciences Economiques (avec la mention tres honorable et felicitations de jury)

Current Appointment

William Taussig Professor of Political Economy at Washington University (from 1991) and Director of the Center in Political Economy (from 1990); Professor of Economics  (from 1986); Professor of Political Science (from 1996).

Record of Academic Appointments

1986 Professor, Department of Economics and Fellow, Center in Political Economy, Washington University, St. Louis; Adjunct Professor of Political Science (from July 1989) and Full Professor of Political Science (from July 1996).
1988-1989 Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, California
Spring 1986
Visiting Professor, California Institute of Technology
1983-1984 Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Scholar, California Institute of Technology
1982-1983 Hallsworth Senior Research Fellow in Political Economy, Department of Economics, University of Manchester
1979-1986 Reader in Economics, Department of Economics, University of Essex
1976-1979 Associate Professor of Government (with tenure), University of Texas at Austin
1973 Visiting Lecturer, Department of Government, Yale University
1970-1975 Lecturer, Department of Government, University of Essex

Publications: directly related

"Activists and Partisan Realignment," with G. Miller. The American Political Science Review. 97(2) (May 2003):245-260.

"Critical Elections and Political Realignment in the US: 1860-2000," with A. Martin and G. Miller. Political Studies 51 (June 2003):217-240.

Multiparty Governments: The Politics of Coalitions in Europe (with M.Laver). Oxford University Press 1990. Paperback edition 1991. Reprinted Michigan University Press 1998.

Collective Decision-making: Social Choice and Political Economy. Kluwer-Nijhoff 1996.

"Coalition Politics: A Formal Model and Empirical Analysis," Journal of Theoretical Politics 7 (April 1995): 245-281.

Publications: other significant

Multiparty Democracy: Elections and Legislative Politics (with I. Sened). Cambridge University Press 2006.

Architects of Political Change: Constitutional Quandaries and Social Choice Theory. Cambridge University Press 2006.

Political Economy: Institutions, Competition and Representation (co-edited with W. Barnett and M. Hinich). Cambridge University Press 1993.

"Generalized Symmetry Conditions at a Core Point,’’ (with R. D. McKelvey) Econometrica 55 (July 1987): 923-933.

Structural Instability of the Core,’’ (with R. D. McKelvey) Journal of Mathematical Economics 15 (December 1986): 179-198.

"Existence of a 'Structurally Stable’ Equilibrium for a Non-Collegial Voting Rule,’’ Public Choice 51 (December 1986): 267-284.

"Generic Instability of Majority Rule,’’ Review of Economic Studies 50 (October.1983): 695-705.

Synergistic Activities

Editorial service: Associate Editor, Social Choice and Welfare, Springer Verlag, 1993-present; Associate Editor, European Journal of Political Economy, North Holland, 1984-1996; Associate Editor, Politics, Philosophy and Economics, 2001-present.

Invited lectures at institutions outside the U.S.: In last five years, delivered sixteen invited lectures in international venues.

Dataset development

Collaborators & Other Affiliations

Collaborators and Co-Editors

Andrew Martin, Washington University

Gary Miller, Washington University

John Nachbar, Washington University

Robert Parks, Washington University

Maurice Salles, Université de Caen

Itai Sened, Washington University

Myrna Wooders, University of Toronto

Graduate and Postdoctoral Advisors

For Ph.D. in Government: Gerald Kramer (deceased) and Peter Ordeshook (California Institute of Technology)

For Ph.D. in Economics: Amartya Sen (Trinity College, Cambridge University)

Postdoctoral sponsor to:

Dino Falaschetti (Political Economy) 1999, Washington University

Lauretta Conklin Frederking (Political Science) 2001, Washington University

Fan-Chin Kung (Economic Theory), Washington University