Olga Shvetsova

Professional Preparation

M.A. 1989 Moscow State University, USSR Political Economy
M.S. 1993 California Institute of Technology Social Sciences
Ph.D. 1995 California Institute of Technology Social Sciences


2003-date Fellow, Microincentives Research Center, Duke University.
1994-2003 Assistant Professor of Political Science, Washington University, St. Louis.
1995-2003 Research Assistant Professor of Political Economy, Washington University, St. Louis.
1996-1997 Visiting Assistant Researcher in Social Science, Department of Politics and Society, University of California, Irvine.

Publications: directly related

"Gaining Legislative Control through Strategic District Nomination: The Case of the Russian Left in 1995," Legislative Studies Quarterly. XXVII: 635-57, 2002.

"Institutions and Coalition-Building in Post-Communist Transitions," in A. Reynolds, ed., The Architecture of Democracy: Constitutional Design, Conflict Management, and Democracy. Oxford University Press, pp. 55-78, 2002.

"A Survey of Post-Communist Electoral Institutions: 1990-1998," Electoral Studies, 18(3): 397-409, 1999.

"Asymmetric Bi-Lateral Bargaining in the New Russian Federation: A Path-Dependence Explanation," with Mikhail Filippov, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, 31(1): 61-76, 1999.

"Party Fragmentation and Presidential Elections in Post-Communist Democracies," with Mikhail Filippov and Peter Ordeshook, Constitutional Political Economy, 10: 1-24,1999.

Publications: other significant

Designing Federalism: A Theory of Self-Sustainable Federal Institutions with Mikhail Filippov and Peter Ordeshook. Cambridge University Press (forthcoming in 2003).

"Endogenous Selection of Institutions and Their Exogenous Effects," Constitutional Political Economy. 14(3), 2003.

"Resolving the Problem of Pre-Election Coordination: The 1999 Parliamentary Election as Elite Presidential 'Primary,'" in V. Hesli and W. Reisinger, eds., Elections, Parties and the Future of Russia. Cambridge University Press (forthcoming in 2003).

"The Role of Constitutional Courts in the Establishment and Maintenance of Democratic Systems of Government," with Lee Epstein and Jack Knight, Law and Society Review, 35(1): 117-64, 2001.

"Ethnic Heterogeneity, District Magnitude, and the Number of Parties," with Peter Ordeshook, American Journal of Political Science, 38(1): 100-23, 1994.

Synergistic Activities

July 24, 2001: Interview (1 hour), KTRS Radio - St. Louis (Presidents Bush and Putin Strike an Agreement in Genoa).

New York, November 1999: Presented "Formal Indicators of Political Institutionalization and Their East European Dynamics" report at the 'Virtual Democracy' roundtable, Social Science Research Council.

March 30, 1998: Interview (1 hour) to Nation al Public Radio - Washington, D.C. (Implications of the Russian Cabinet Dismissal).

September 6, 1998: Interview (1 hour) KTRS Radio - St. Louis (Politics and Economics of the Russian Crisis).

Washington, DC, September 1996: Attended the International Forum for Democratic Studies and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Conference "Five Years into the Transition: Where Is Russia Headed?"

Collaborators & Other Affiliations

Collaborators and Co-Editors

Lee Epstein, Washington University in St. Louis

Mikhail Filippov, Washington University in St. Louis

Barbara Kinsey, University of Central Florida

Jack Knight, Washington University in St. Louis

Peter Ordeshook, California Institute of Technology

Thomas Remington, Emory University

Steven Smith, Washington University in St. Louis

Graduate and Postdoctoral Advisors

Elisabeth Gerber, University of Michigan

D. Roderick Kiewiet, California Institute of Technology

Peter Ordeshook, California Institute of Technology

Scott Page, University of Michigan

Thesis advisor to:

John Ginkel, State Department

Elisabeth Wilner, Washington University