Financial Aid for Doctoral Students  

The program offers financial assistance to full-time doctoral students consisting of a combination of fellowships and assistantship funds through the Department of Human Services. Currently full-time doctoral students who are granted a financial aid package from Counselor Education receive funds to pay tuition, cover the costs of the basic university medical insurance premium, and a living allowance supplement. Doctoral students receiving a financial aid package are required to work for the Counselor Education program in a variety of professional tasks for approximately 20 hours per week during the academic year.

All Counselor Education students who seek financial aid (including work-study and loans) should apply to the University Office of Financial Aid. The web site address of the Office of Financial Aid is: Students also may contact the office by email:, by post mail: Office of Financial Aid to Students, University of Virginia, 918 Emmet Street, P.O. Box 400204, Charlottesville, VA 22904-4204; or by phone: (434) 982-6000.

In addition to other financial assistance, each year the Curry School of Education Foundation offers students the opportunity to apply for scholarships and other financial awards. Applications are typically due in early spring and many require students to be nominated by their program area. Further information about the Foundation scholarship programs is available on the Foundation website: and click the left menu “About Curry”, select “Curry Foundation”, then, again, on the left menu “Scholarships, Honors and Awards” and “Student Scholarships”. Or, you can key in the following string: