Program Requirements


A minimum of 59 credit hours beyond Master's work is required for students earning a doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision ( including the dissertation). Required coursework includes the following:

1. Counselor Education Courses. Doctoral students are required to complete a minimum of 23 hours of Counselor Education coursework, 6 hours of counseling practice internship and 12 hours of dissertation credit after admission to the program (for a total of 41 hours.) The 23 hours are to be beyond the prescribed CACREP core courses and supervised experiences for entry-level counselor preparation. A graduate course in multicultural counseling equivalent to EDHS 730: Multicultural Counseling and a graduate course in ethical and legal aspects of counseling equivalent to EDHS 733: Ethical-Legal Aspects of Counseling must be included as part of the Master's core work or completed as a doctoral program deficiency. Counselor Education doctoral programs must include:


EDHS 838 1 Pedagogy in Counselor Education

EDHS 921(1) 2 Advanced Group Counseling Theories

EDHS 921(2) 3 Advanced Group Counseling Practicum*

EDHS 922 3 Advanced Individual Counseling Strategies and Practicum*

EDHS 929 (1) 2 Counselor Supervision Theories

EDHS 929 (2) 3 Counselor Supervision Practicum*

EDHS 931 3 Doctoral Seminar: Status of the Profession

EDHS 932 3 Doctoral Seminar: Professional Issues & Dissertation Research Topic Preparation

EDHS 939 3 Counselor Education Internship - Teaching

EDHS 997 6 Counselor Education Internship - Practice

EDHS 999 12 Dissertation

* May be repeated for credit

1. Internship . Doctoral students complete their 600-hour internship at locations approved by their program committee. Sites are chosen based on areas in which the student would like to explore or further develop skills. Previous internship sites include, but are not limited to UVA’s Women’s Center, Personal and Career Development Center, Region Ten (substance abuse program, outpatient program), university counseling centers, and other university settings. During the course of their internship, students attend a regularly scheduled class and receive weekly individual supervision from their site supervisor. Students planning to complete an internship experience must review their internship plans with their advisor (proposed site, work activities, and goals). Program committee members must approve the internship plan for students before the expected enrollment in internship.

2. Supporting Coursework. Students must complete a minimum of six hours of post-Master's coursework in areas other than those listed as required for the doctoral degree. Selection of the courses is made in conjunction with the student's doctoral advisor and program committee. All doctoral students should have graduate coursework in assessment, developmental psychology, personality and learning. Students in the Ed.D. program must have two supporting areas selected from the list of approved supporting areas for Curry School doctoral students and must have program committee representatives from those areas.

3. Investigative Area. Counselor Education students must pass the Curry School quantitative and qualitative research examinations or complete a minimum of 12 hours of post-Master's credit in research and evaluation coursework approved by the student's program committee. The coursework must include courses in both qualitative and quantitative research. Students are encouraged to take additional coursework in the investigative area to prepare for their dissertation and later professional research.