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April 5, 2006

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  Tests [150 Points]

There will be a mid-semester (March 15) and a final comprehensive test (TBA May 4-12). The tests will cover the entire text and other assigned reading. The tests will include multiple choice, brief answer, and brief essay questions. One way to prepare for the tests is to go to the companion website, review the chapter information and take the on-line quizzes. Another way is to have your learning team prepare answers to assigned on-line quizzes, distribute the answers, and discuss the essay responses in a learning team meeting.

The mid-semester test and instructions will be available for pick-up between March 14 at 9 AM and the beginning of class March 15. The tests are due by 5 PM, March 16. The March 15 class will end at the break so those who want to take the time for the test can do so.

Career Autobiography [75 Points]

This autobiography is a paper in which you describe how your career planning has developed. Specifically, you should discuss your vocational development using the career theories in Chapters 2 and 3 of the text. You should draw upon relevant concepts and terms (e.g., career maturity, career adaptability, career stage, career development tasks, life-role salience, consistency, congruence, career myths, environmental influences, self-observation generalizations, and differentiation) to describe your vocational development and link your "story" to the theories.

You will find it useful to reflect upon important factors (e.g., family-of-origin, education and occupation of parents, your education, your previous jobs) as you apply career development concepts to your planning. Finally, place your current career plans in a developmental context

The paper should be approximately five double-spaced pages of text with an additional reference section. Suggested submission March 22.

Computer-assisted Career Guidance System (CACG) Critique [50 Points]

After the March 22 class meeting you should make an appointment at University Career Services to use a computer-assisted career guidance system. After you have used a system, write a critique (approximately 2 double-spaced pages) in which you evaluate the effectiveness of the system (e.g., its strengths, weaknesses, what type of career client it is most appropriate for, etc.). You are encouraged, but not required, to post the critique on the discussion site. More information will be provided at the March 23 class meeting. Jenny has completed an assistantship at University Career Services and will be the primary course liaison with that office. In addition, The Curry School University Career Services liaison is Gigi Davis-White (gigi@virginia.edu or 924-8912). Due April 26.

Assessment Critique (Learning Team) [25 Points]

Each learning team will select and study an assessment device (test or inventory) that is related to career interventions. Chapter 5 of the text, Assessment and Career Planning, provides guidance for the analysis of the instrument selected. The critique should be posted on the EDHS 722 Discussion site. Post by April 19.

Internet Resource Critique (Learning Team) [25 Points]

Each Learning Team should find and study an Internet site that provides some type of career service (e.g., assessment, counseling, information, etc.) and critique the site based on the information it provides about the intended audience and the disclosed limitations. The critique should identify the URL and should be posted on the course discussion site. Each Team should post their critique by April 21. .

Career Counseling Program (Learning Team Presentations) [50 Points] April 26

Learning teams will be responsible for a presentation to the class that describes a career counseling program appropriate for a work setting (client group). Your group presentation will cover the following topics:

1. Identification of a target group (School or Mental Health).

2. Identification of career development tasks for your target group

3. Identification of career development activities that can be used to address the career development tasks confronting your target group (be sure to discuss goals and objectives for each activity)

4. Demonstration of 3 career activities

5. Identification of how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your activities

6. How you will make the program appropriate for the diverse groups you might be serving.

In addition each team member is asked to provide the other team members anonymous, typed feedback on their work as a team member.