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The following links to external sites will open in a new window. That means you can go to the linked site and after you have finished, close the external site and remain in the EDHS 838 site. I hope you will find the links useful.


ACA Code of Ethics

      The ACA code of ethics will provide guidance on balancing the responsibilities of the professional counselor to prevent harm against the ethical obligation to respect counselee autonomy, and diversity of values and beliefs.

Multicultural Competencies

      Provides a statement of competencies for dealing with diverse counselees that has been developed by the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD).

Anonymous Feedback

      A link to a UVA Instructional Toolkit site that allows you to provide anonymous feedback to the instructor.

CACREP 2001 Standards

     The training standards for accredited counselor education programs. The standards dealing with diverse clients should inform your thinking in this course.

Tapped In

     EDHS 838: Counseling and Spirituality will use Tapped In for the required posts and the optional chats. A step by step guide to registration for a Tapped In account is linked to "step by step guide."

The most efficient way to use Tapped In for posts, is to post your papers by copying and pasting from a word-processing program (e.g., Word or Word Perfect). The word-processing program will allow you to prepare the paper with the benefit of features not available (e.g., spell check) on the discussion board. Responses are, likewise, best posted by initial preparation using a word-processing program. The copied version should be single spaced and some formatting features will not copy. A post of 600 words single spaced will fill approximately one screen. Please post your topic response as a separate discussion and not a reply to another post on the same topic. Likewise, your reactions to the posted papers should be posted as replies. You will need to make minor adjustments such as double spaces between paragraphs before you actually post the e-papers and responses. The copying into the discussion feature will eliminate APA Style features such as italics, underlining and hanging indents. Simply double space between the reference entries.

Electronic reserve

      The electronic reserve gives you Internet access to articles that has been posted to the University of Virginia Library Electronic Course Materials file (electronic reserve) established for this course. Due to the nature of the course the material in the electronic reserve are intended to be a starting point and not a complete bibliography on counseling and spirituality. Use your research skills to find other sources. Remember, the reference lists from the electronic reserve are a good starting point for your search for additional material.

Group e-mail address for course members

Using the group address will send an e-mail to all course members and responding to the address will also respond to the entire group including the instructor.