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The following periodical references and one unpublished manuscript by Hackney & Graf are included in the electronic reserve for the course. To enter the electronic reserve use the following link.

Reference Style Note

The APA Style Manual (5th ed.) establishes a preference for hanging indents in the reference list but allows paragraph indents if hanging indents present a word processing problem. I am not proficient enough with HTML to produce hanging indents so the references below are paragraph indented. I have elected to use the Curry School dissertation convention of single spacing within references and double spacing between references.


EDHS 838: Spirituality and Counseling
Fall 2005


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       Kushner, H. S. (1981). When bad things happen to good people. (This suggested book deals with a timeless question. The University Bookstore has been asked to stock the cheapest paperback. The book has more than one publisher and edition.)


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