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The following course requirements will be best understood in the context of the grading link. Additional explanation of the requirements is on the following page that contains more specific information. There are minimum and maximum requirements for each of the activities


Attendance at each of the four seminar meetings is an expectation. If an absence is unavoidable then a brief (3-5 page) paper on the topic of the seminar must be submitted. For example, if the meeting featuring situational role plays was missed, a report on situations role-played with a friend or student colleague could be submitted.

Tapped In Post (Minimum of one)

Four topics will be provided from which you will select one for posting of a short, executive summary, type report of your findings and thoughts. The post should show the sources your used. The posting should be made according to the following schedule. Due December 5. Information about Tapped In and registration for Tapped In is on the External Links page.

Reply to Tapped In Post (Minimum of one)

Learners are also expected to reply to fellow student postings, with a minimum of one reply. It is encouraged again that this is completed well before the examination so that the entire group may benefit Also replies must be posted by December 5

NOTE regarding Tapped In posts and replies: Completing the Tapped In posts well before the examination will allow the entire group to benefit from the posts and replies.

Tapped In Chat

The Tapped In EDHS 838 group site provides the capability for a synchronous chat. To receive the activity points for the chat, you need to participate in a chat with three additional people for at least 40 minutes. The chat topic can be a course related topic of the groups's choosing.

Reading list

A list of readings and a short one paragraph comment on each reading is due by December 9. Four points are earned for each article and 20 points are earned for each book. Reading one book and four articles is required. The maximum number of reading points is 40 for books and 40 for articles.

Course examination

The course examination will be an essay on one of four topics. The topics will be the same as those for the Tapped In Postings. Your topic number will be assigned at random and will be sent to you by e-mail. You will have two hours from the time you open the e-mail with the number to complete the essay. The essay can be written and returned, or returned as an e-mail attachment. The completed examination must be returned by 5 PM December 9.

Course analysis and critique

The date that the on-line course evaluation is available will be announced in class and by e-mail.

Link to more information about requirements and grades