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Tapped In Post

Four topics are provided below for the required posting of a short, position paper on one of the topics. The post should show the sources you used.

Your post should be between 250 and 500 words and should include reasons you took the position on the question. The reasons could include citation of authority or citation of research with the reference in APA (5th edition style) and/or logic. A logical statement might be based on the ACA or other counseling related ethical code, statements of counseling practice standards, and/or commonly accepted principles of counseling practice or helping profession ethics. As with citations of authority and research, the sources should be referenced in APA style.

Topic 1: What do we know about the importance of spiritual and/or religions beliefs to the physical and mental health of people?
Post title = Importance

Topic 2: What should counselors know about the spiritual and/or religious beliefs of their counselees and how should they learn about those beliefs?
Post title = Knowledge about beliefs

Topic 3: Given the conflicting value pressures, how should a counselor handle a conflict between conventional social values and laws, and religious beliefs. For example, some religions have practices that do not respect women and in instances cause physical harm; "mainstream" Christian churches serve communion wine to underage members; but a US Supreme Court case about the Native American Church and the use of peyote held against the Church position.
Post title = Freedom of religion

Topic 4: What should a counselor do if a client holds firmly to a religious belief that the counselor cannot endorse and thinks violates the principle of beneficence? This question assumes referral would honor the principle of client autonomy but could violate beneficence.
Post title = Values conflicts

Reaction to Tapped In post (minimum of one)

A statement of reaction to a posted paper is not simply a "good posting" or "way to go" note. It is a critique based on the same requirements to provide reasons for the reaction as the e-Paper. A reaction should be between 125 and 250 words.

Tapped In Chat (Optional)

The chat room for EDHS 838 is at the bottom of the page when you enter the group. The chat feature will be demonstrated during the first class meeting and group leaders can request additional assistance prior to their scheduled chat.


You are encouraged to select readings from the course references and other sources that add to your knowledge on the topic of spirituality and counseling. In order to share the benefit of your reading, you are encouraged to post a abstract of the reading and your reaction to the reading. The posting should be between 100 and 250 words and should provide the reference in APA style. The reaction should tell readers how the reading contributed to your growth in knowledge and understanding of the topic of counseling and spirituality


The word count suggestions are given in anticipation of the inevitable question of "how long?" A page of double space text of 12 point type is approximately 250 words but I do not anticipate spending time counting. rhp