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July 7, 2005


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CONFERENCES. Students are encouraged to schedule meetings, telephone conferences or e-mail (434-924-0774 - rhp9m@virginia.edu) me to discuss work and learning in EDLF 863. Times will be available for scheduled conferences before class meetings and July 29 during the examination. rhp

SCHEDULE FOR MEETINGS. As you can ascertain from the schedule, the number of course meetings and hours in sessions are not equal to the typical course. However, there are more specific assignments than usual. We will typically meet each afternoon and evening from 4:30-6 and from 7-9. I hope we agree to "eat in" so the 6-7 period can be used for Learning Team work. If you agree, I will furnish pizza for the first of the five working meals and the group can arrange the others (asking each person to bring a "brown bag" is one option). There will be no working meal July 29 due to the schedule variation.

GUEST SPEAKERS. Guest speakers will be from 7-9 PM July 14 and 15

I have planned almost no lectures for EDLF 863. The course sessions are planned to give us an opportunity to interact and discuss, hear guest speakers and work as teams. I do plan to do a short synthesis that includes my ideas about the major issues facing American higher education at the conclusion of the first class meeting, June 23. The class design is based on your active participation, work between class meetings and preparation for the meetings.


We are counting down on EDLF 863 and I look forward to meeting you next week and beginning our work together. Thursday (June 23) we will work on organization during the first part of the class. Nine of you have joined the EDLF 863 Tapped In group and if you have not joined, give it a try before our first meeting. In addition to house keeping details we will share ideas and perceptions of the most pressing issues facing higher education. We will form Learning Teams and have some discussion in the teams. Friday we will try to reach a consensus ranking of the issues.Because I know you are finishing anther class, I will provide time for reading the initial material that I will hand out in class Thursday. I will provide some time for reading other material during our Thursday and Friday meeting next week ,and then reading will be on your time. If you have time to start reading on issues before the first class I suggest your initial reading be a broad survey of issues and then drill down on the issue or issues of most interest to you. Thursday night will be Pizza night (I will provide the pizza and you can bring a drink or use the CAFE vending machines.) and Friday will be on your own Brown Bag.

The guest panels are scheduled for July 24 and 15. We will meet from 4:30-6 PM and then break to the CAFE for a working dinner discussion at tables with the panelists. Sandwiches and iced tea will be provided. You can use the vending machines if you prefer another drink. The panels will begin at 7 PM. The panelists will make presentations of approximately 15 minutes each followed by a Q&A interaction among you and the panelists. The July 14 panelists are H. Lane Kneedler, an attorney and partner at Reed Smith, LLP, who served as a lobbyist for the institutions that proposed the Charter Initiative to the Virginia General Assembly, Tony Maggio, a Virginia House Appropriations Committee staff member and Amy Sebring a Virginia Senate Finance Committee staff member. The July 15 panelists are Dr. George Culbertson who before his retirement served as Provost, Senior Vice Chancellor and  Interim Chancellor of  the University of Virginia College at Wise, Dr. Rachel Fowlkes, Executive Director of the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center, Dr. Stephen Greiner, President of Virginia Intermont College, and Dr. Robert Sandell, President of Virginia Western Community College.

I hope you have started to think about the about the book you want to read.