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The learning plan is a set of comments that will be revised throughout the course to provide a sense of where you should be in the learning process. Additions to the learning plan are also inserted into each topic guide. The course will combine four meetings for discussion and presentation with Internet based directed reading and independent study. The emphasis of the course meeting will be discussion and questions and not presentation of material. The four course meetings will be September 26 (Friday 4-9 PM), November 7 (Friday, 4-9 PM) and 8 (Saturday, 9 AM- 2 PM) and January 16, 2004 (Friday, 4-9 PM). There will be a working lunch November 8. Internet sharing and resources will be part of the course. The amount of emphasis given to topics will be determined by learners' goals and objectives. The first course meeting will include an orientation to the course website and procedures.

In addition to the class meetings, the instructor will be available to learners either by telephone or e-mail. All required Internet activities will be asynchronous (can be completed at any time, independent of others' schedules). All assignments can be submitted as e-mail attachments (Word or WordPerfect), or by using the Internet links provided.

Throughout the course material the term counselee is used as the general term for those served by counselors. The term client is often used but for some that implies those who pay for services and thus the term client may not be appropriate for school counselors and others. The Learning Plan page will be updated after each class meeting to provide information about preparing for the next meeting.

EDHS 838-A Electronic mailing list

A mailing list for EDHS 838 will be established. General announcements and information pertaining to the course will be sent to the mailing list. If you have never registered a University of Virginia electronic mail address, you will need to do so. The address for the course mailing list will be sent in the welcome message. Course announcements and information updates will be delivered through the mailing list. In order to obtain an electronic mail address follow the following instructions from the University Toolkit FAQ section.

Q18: How do Continuing Education students get a registered e-mail address (which they need in order to get a Toolkit account)?

Instructions for setting up a registered e-mail address may be found at the School of Continuing and Professional Studies Web site.

If you have problems getting a registered e-mail address, you should do one of the following:

Ask your Continuing Ed center to help you set-up a registered e-mail address.
Contact the ITC Accounts department directly at 434-243-6610 or by e-mail at accounts@virginia.edu. They will need to know your first and last names, UVa computing ID (if known), Social Security Number, and birthdate. If you would like to have your UVa e-mail forwarded to a non-UVa e-mail address, be sure to tell the Accounts office where to forward your e-mail.

The anonymous feedback link provides a way for you to communicate suggestions or concerns to me without providing your name.


Each topic will have a general overview, suggested activities and references. Copies of PowerPoint slides used in a lecture discussion course will be available for your review. They have proved useful to past students as a basis for note taking and to guide their reading for the course. There is one general set of slides and others will be posted for special topics. The "summary and key points" section of each text chapter will be a valuable guide to what is important in the topics. The references suggested are not complete but enough information is provided to allow you to find the reference in the electronic reserve or in the References page.



Learning Plan for September 26

When you enroll

  • Review the entire course web site.
  • The menu links to "Discussion" and "Feedback" lead directly to the sites on the UVA Instructional Toolkit. The browser window will open in front of the course page so you can close the discussion or anonymous feedback page without closing your connection to the EDHS 838 page.
  • The login ID is normally the prefix of your UVA e-mail account (e.g., rhp9m) and the initial password is the last four numbers of your Student ID, typically your Social Security number. You will be assigned a UVA log on ID after the registration if you are not already in the UVA data base. Instructions for e-mail registration will be posted.
  • Contact me by telephone or e-mail with any questions or concerns.
  • Insure that you can connect to the Internet sites.
  • If you have difficulty with the electronic reserve materials, contact Kay Cutler, the Curry School of Education Librarian. Kay can be contacted at 434-982-2664 or cutler@virginia.edu.
  • A course Supplement will contain printed copies of the PowerPoint slides, suggested court cases and statutes. The textbook and the course Supplement will be available for purchase at the September 26 class meeting. The cost of the Supplement will be the cost of reproducing and binding the materials.
  • Begin to read. I suggest the Pate chapter from the electronic reserve list as the first reading and then the ACA Ethical Code and Standards of Practice (Appendix A in Remley & Herlihy, 2001) followed by the article by Brown (2001). Read the assigned chapters in the text (Remley & Herlihy, 2001) for each major topic and as your study progresses throughout the semester. Then begin to select articles from the electronic reserve that meet your learning goals.
  • Respond to the test message on the course discussion site so I will know you are able to connect and how I may be able to assist you.