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Dixon, M. W, Wraga, M, Proffitt, D. R., Williams, G. C. (2000). Eye height scaling of absolute size in immersive and nonimmersive displays. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception & Performance. 26(2), 582-593.

Eye-height (EH) scaling of absolute height was investigated in three experiments. In Experiment 1, standing observers viewed cubes in an immersive virtual environment. Observers' center of projection was placed at actual EH and at 0.7 times actual EH. Observers' size judgments revealed that the EH manipulation was 76.8% effective. In Experiment 2, seated observers viewed the same cubes on an interactive desktop display; however, no effect of EH was found in response to the simulated EH manipulation. Experiment 3 tested standing observers in the immersive environment with the field of view reduced to match that of the desktop. Comparable to Experiment 1, the effect of EH was 77%. These results suggest that EH scaling is not generally used when people view an interactive desktop display because the altitude of the center of projection is indeterminate. EH scaling is spontaneously evoked, however, in immersive environments.

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