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Riener, C. R., Proffitt, D., & Salthouse, T. (2005). A psychometric approach to intuitive physics. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 12(4), 740-746.

The literature on intuitive physics shows that many people exhibit systematic errors when predicting the behavior of simple physical events. Most previous research has attributed these errors to factors specific to a certain class of tasks. In the present study, we investigated the possibility that intuitive physics performance may be related to general measures of cognitive ability. Two hundred four adults (ages, 2091 years) were presented with five pairs of intuitive physics questions. It was found that performance on the intuitive physics items was moderately intercorrelated, suggesting that they were tapping into a unitary construct. Despite the correlation with factors that decline with advancing age, intuitive physics performance was not correlated with age (r = .00). The findings are discussed in the context of research on intuitive physics, as well as research on cognitive aging.

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