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Witt, J.K., & Proffitt, D.R. (2007). Perceived slant: A dissociation between perception and action. Perception, 36, 249-257.

Perceived slant is grossly overestimated such that 5 hills look to be about 20. However, overestimation is only found in visual and verbal measures of apparent slant; action measures are accurate. This dissociation is consistent with several lines of research that suggest that there exist 2 perceptual processes, one for visually-guided actions and another for explicit awareness. However, studies in other contexts have shown that analogous effects can be due to differences in the task demands associated with the responses themselves as opposed to the processes underlying the responses. The following experiments directly test these 2 alternatives. Our results are consistent with the hypothesis that 2 perceptual processes underlie the dissociation between explicit awareness and visuomotor assessments of perceived slant.

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