Our Mission

Our mission is the study of human perception.

Perception is the most transparent of all human faculties. Perception is effortless. It just happens.

Unlike perception, acts of thinking, remembering, speaking, and reasoning, often require some effort and planning. Large individual differences in abilities are found for the other faculties, but not for perception.

People become famous for being great thinkers, but there are no great perceivers in history. Because of the ease and automaticity of perception, its dazzling complexity is often overlooked.

It is only when attempting to explain how perception happens that the incredible difficulty of the feat becomes apparent.

Our Goals:
  • Create new knowledge

  • Build careers

  • Be useful

  • Have fun!

Research Areas & Approaches

  • Perceiving Spatial Layout

  • Multisensory Illusions

  • Tools and Embodiment

  • Social Support

  • Bioenergetics
    (Physiology and Cognition)

  • Virtual Reality

  • Human-Computer Interaction


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