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Research Areas

Perceiving Spatial Layout

Is space perceived in terms of effort and intention in natural and virtual environments?
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Research Approaches

Virtual Reality

To what capacity can virtual reality worlds be used to study how we perceive the real world?
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How do bioenergetic factors affect perception of spatial layout? What are the bioenergetic limitations in cognition?
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Creating Contexts & Environments

What are the most effective, immersive artificially-created environments we can create?
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Tools and Embodiment

How do people keep track of where their body ends and the environment begins? Do tools blur this boundary?
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Multisensory Illusions

What can we learn about perception by studying how it breaks down?
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Cognition & Social Support

What is the relationship between cognitive processes and the act of giving and receiving social support?
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Perception in Natural Environments

What can we learn about the perceptual system by studying it in action outdoors?
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Past Research Areas

Brain Imaging (fMRI and fNIR)

What will we learn about human performance on everyday tasks by analyzing the brain's activities while performing them?
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Restorative Environments

How does the environment affect individuals’ well-being?
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Human-Computer Interaction
& Information Cockpits

How do we design computer interfaces that can improve human memory and capabilities?
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Context-Dependent Memory

Can artificially-created environments (contexts) displayed by a computer provide useful cues for aiding human memory?
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Intuitive Physics

Why do people make predictable errors on questions regarding the physics of the world that is seen in everyday life?
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Presence & Immersion

Why do people perceive the world differently depending on how immersed they feel in an artificially-created world?
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