One radiation length of CsI is 631#631

The mechanical support was designed at the Paul Scherrer Institute by Dr Herman Obermeier and the figure gif was also made there as a result of the design.

HIX was developed at the Paul Scherrer Institute by Dr Stefan Ritt. The HIX code has also been used during the test runs of 1992, 1993 and 1994, and is the data acquisition system for the pion beta decay experiment.

These reconstruction methods have been examined by Dr Emil Frlez who has been analyzing the tomography data. Some of his results are presented in this section.

Actually there were only twenty-five. The crystal at the position B5 (S018) was disregarded because it produced very broad signals (large slow component), and as a result messed up the 1001#1001 signals. The selection of this crystal was based solely on its good dimensions; its fast/total was unavailable at the time.

Bernward Krause
Mon Jan 15 14:57:06 MET 1996