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Beam Line

Particles from target E are extracted at an angle of with respect to the proton beam direction for the beam line which transports pions and muons of momenta ranging from 10 to 500 MeV/c. The channel can be operated in two regimes: The first mode offers high fluxes with low momentum resolution. The range of momenta is limited to 280 MeV/c. The second regime is a low acceptance mode with high momentum resolution up to 500 MeV/c. The characteristics of the beam line are listed in table gif; figure gif is a sketch of the beam channel.

Table: Some characteristics of the Channel.

Figure: The Beam Line. This is the standard part of the channel. The continuation of the beam line displayed in figure 3.2 or figure 3.6, is adjustable according to the experiment.

Bernward Krause
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