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Active Target

The role of the active target is to monitor the lateral stopping distributions. The active target consists of 69 plastic scintillator fibers surrounded by 8 guard-ring elements of the same material. The entire active target is a cylinder of diameter and long as shown in figure gif. However, each of the 69 fibers has a square cross section of and is covered with an acrylic cladding of thick for optical isolation. The fibers are then glued together with epoxy to make the active target.

Figure: The active target used during the test run of 1994 to measure the horizontal and vertical beam profiles. It contains 69 plastic scintillator fibers with 8 guard-ring elements of the same material around them. Each fiber is isolated by an acrylic cladding and they are held together with epoxy.

Each fiber is connected to a one-inch photomultiplier tube via a fiber optic light guide.

The stopping distributions are needed for an accurate Monte Carlo simulation of the experiment and acceptance corrections for pion beta and decays.

Bernward Krause
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