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Tracking Detectors

The apparatus is equipped with two MWPC's whose importance is dictated by the need for double track resolution and the trigger.

Figure: Cylindrical multi-wire proportional chamber for the pion beta experiment. Shown here is the outer chamber. The inner chamber is geometrically the same but smaller with fewer anode wires and cathode strips.

The multiple shower resolution of the calorimeter is limited to ( of in solid angle). However, for a high degree suppression of the accidental Michel events, a higher double event resolution is required. Additional suppression factors of the order of from the MWPC's suffice to significantly reduce the Michel background under the peak in high pion stopping rate: . In addition to the double track resolution capability, the MWPC's have low mass --- radiation length of CsIgif --- which is necessary to reduce the probability of conversion of pion beta 's prior to their arrival in the calorimeter and to detect low energy positrons. They are also expected to handle high rates with an efficiency of the order of .

Table: Some parameters of the multi-wire proportional chambers of the pion beta experiment.

The MWPC 's have a cylindrical geometry (as shown in figure gif) with one anode wire plane in the longitudinal direction and two cathode strip planes in stereoscopic geometry. The MWPC's were fabricated in Dubna (Russia) and tested at the Paul Scherrer Institute. A cathode strip resolution of full width half maximum has been measured. The main characteristics of the MWPC's are compiled in table gif.

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