The Pibeta Analyzer Installation

This document gives instructions about installing the PiBeta Analyzer on the PSI Alpha cluster (PSW283 et al). To install the analyzer somewhere else, please send your request to

Copying files

To install a personal copy of the PiBeta analyzer, you first have to create a new subdirectory and copy all files from :
> cd
> mkdir analyzer
> cd analyzer
> ftp
  Name: pibeta
  Passwd: xxxxx
ftp> cd analyzer
ftp> bin
ftp> prompt
ftp> mget *
ftp> quit
Note that the /analyzer subdirectory on is the master location for the anlyzer. You should only read these files and never change them. Only modify your own copy of the analyzer.

Following files will be copied:

*.MTX, *.SHM         MIDAS system files
analyzer.c           Main analyzer module
event.h              Event definition
init.odb             Initial ODB contents
makefile             Makefile for analyzer
analyzer             Analyzer executable

*.c,*.o              Analyzer modules C and object files 

Setting UNIX environment variables

In order to run the analyzer correctly, add following to statements to your .login file:
setenv MIDAS_DIR /[your home]/analyzer
setenv PATH  $PATH":"/[hour home]/analyzer
Where [your home] is the full path of your home directory like it is displayed with the "pwd" command after you login. The first statement tells the MIDAS system to place the online database into the analyzer directory. The ODB is contained in files with .SHM and .MTX extensions, please don't delete those files. The second statement adds the /analyzer directory to your path so that you can start the analyzer from any data directory.

After you made the above changes, log out and in again. Then recompile the analyzer to check that all works:

> cd analyzer
> make clean
> make
Note that the "make clean" is only necessary the first time to get rid of old object files. If you make later changes to the analyzer, a simple "make" will do the job. If you sucessfully compiled the analzyer, read the next chapter running the analyzer.

S. Ritt, 2 May 1997