Vacuum valves control

Here one can see the status of different valves, separating different vacui in the beamline (e.g. HV main valve...). The most important LEDs on here are SV_G and SV_O. These LED's indicate the status of the safety valves.

If SV_G LED is on, this means, that the safety valve is closed and you can not get beam into the area. If the LED SV_O is on, the valve is open and you should get beam into the area (if everything else is okay!).

You can open the safety valve by switching the outer right control unit in this rack to 'lokal' and press the small black button, labeled as 'SV'. This starts a whole procedure of settings and you can hear it from the galery. After a few seconds SV_G LED should stop gleaming and SV_O should turn to green light.

If you are not able to open the valve, it might be, that this is due to a bad intermediate vacuum, which you can measure on the BALZER upper next crate. The normal value here is in the order of ~2 E-3.