LB 500 programming for Pi-Beta trigger

The first LB500 produces differnt combinations out of the ten super-clusters low and ten super-cluster high signals. The first is the pi-beta trigger high and low, which requires two opposite hits. The pi->e nu trigger high and low require just one hit.

New compared to 1999 is the three-arm trigger which requires three hits above the low threshold and the Hi-Lo trigger which requires two oppsosite hits, one above the high threshold and the other above the low threshold. This trigger should be well suited for pi->e nu gamma events.

The labels on the inputs and outputs are in the form HnPm, where n is the header number (1...4 from top to down) and m is the pin number (1..16, as labeled on the unit).

Here is the toplevel schematic:

It contains the back-to-back logic:

here the three-arm trigger:

here the high-low trigger:

and finally the shapers:

The additional buffers at the output of the shapers are for signal delay.

S. Ritt, March 22nd, 2000