DSC Simple Setup

Here you will find some principal descriptions how to run the DSC in your own simple setup or to help understanding the operation.


For the PiBeta Experiment we have special carriers for 8 chips each, built as multilayer boards to have SMD terminator resistors or potentiometers on it. The design of these carriers will change soon, because we need different purposes on the carrier in the future. On the other hand it is possible to run it in much simpler carriers. We have bonded two chips on simple carriers for an other group. The bonding scheme you will see in figure 1:

DSC Simple Carrier

Figure 1: DSC simple carrier (made for the Novosibirsk group), also available as CDR file.

Signal optimization and termination has to be done externally.


The DSC needs a few operating voltages and logical signals. Table 1 and figure 2 show the DSC pads and the corresponding signals.

Pad # Signal Comment
1 V add Address voltage
2 GND ana Pibeta 0V,Test +1.2V 1/3 V+
3 Output Output Pin -> FADC
4 RBO RBO Pin -> sequencer
5 ROR internal jumpered, not used
6 Phi 1 CPG
7 Phi 2 CPG
8 V + +3.7 V
9 V + 3.7 V +
10 V - dig Pibeta -1.3 V, Test 0V
11 V- dig Pibeta -1.3V, Test 0V
12 V ds connect to V +
13 Gate CPG
14 En ZS 0/1 TTL level
16 / internal jumpered
17 Clear=Reset CPG
18 Threshold only if ZS enabled
19 Input Signal Input

Table 1: Operating voltages and signal connections

DSC Pads

Figure 2: DSC pads, also available as CDR file

CPG stands here for 'Clocked Pattern Generator'. The sequencer can be realized by a clocked PLD. The DSC uses TTL logic for operation. In our test setup the digital steering signals are produced by a 12 bit sequencer CPG 501, externally clocked by 1 MHz. The DSC requires TTL levels, but the CPG module gives just +2.6 V (logical 1) on 50 Ohms out. It is possible to operate the DSC with this minor voltage by reducing the DC voltage V+ from 4.5 V to 3.7 V.

The necessary logical signals and the timing are shown in figure 3:

DSC Pads

Figure 3: DSC operation sequence, also available as CDR file

Output Driver

The output of the DSC analog output has not enough power for the connection to the FADC. So the output signal has to be amplified In our test setup we have used an HA5022 OpAmp for this purpose (see also here).

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