The Domino Sampling Chip in the PiBeta Experiment

The Domino Samping Chip was designed to sample the signal waveforms from different detectors of the PiBeta Experiment. After develoment of the full system we are taking data with the DSC for 240 CsI crystals (module 0...4), 40 Plastic Veto counters (module 5) and 16 target and beam counters (module 6).

General Description

The DSC system consists of three components which are connected via a backplane bus: The Power Module provides the DSC system power. It gives out the necessary +/- 5V, -1.5V and +3.5V. The DSC Controller or DSC Sequencer receives the control signals from the experiment as GATE, RESET, START Conversion and Testpulse.
It gives out the Flash ADC GATE and the Flash ADC Converts as the DSC control signals /Busy, Read Bit In (RBI), Clear, Enable Zero Suppression (EnZS), the Readout Phase clocks Phi 1 and Phi 2, Gate and the Testpulse.
The main part of the DSC Sequencer is an Altera epm7032s FPGA which produces all control signals from the input signals. The Controller and the necessary signals are described on theController Page Details on the necessary control sequences you can find on the DSC Homepage.

Details on the Motherboard

Description on the DSC 48 Motherboard

Learn how it looks like and what the components are for.

Layout of the multilayer motherboard and DSC carrier.

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