EMI 9822QKB Phototube Database

As of 8/22/95 there are 44 BeCu PMs known to exist: 37 at PSI, 2 at UVA, 3 returned to EMI for replacement and 2 missing. We have received 155 SbCs PMs at UVa, 3 of which were returned to EMI and have now been replaced. We also have at UVa one 9821QB (#18440) and one 9822QB (#20016).

Last update: 22. August 1995.

Database of EMI gain measurements:

Ser.No.   V1      V2    Ser.No.    V1      V2
      BeCu dynode             SbCs dynode
V1 and V2 are the voltages required to produce sensitivities of 50 A/lm (Gain=5x10**5) and 500 A/lm (Gain=5x10**6), respectively. Legend: RJ=Rejected TM=Ticket Missing M=Missing R=Replacements

Plots of EMI gain measurements:

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cole@apollo.phys.virginia.edu, 22. Aug 1995