6Li Quasielastic Data

Find here the quasielastic electron scattering data from 6Li collected from as many sources as possible. We will add additional data as it becomes available. If the reader has knowledge of additional data, please let us know.

To download the entire 6Li archive, click here
Download a PDF plot (multiple pages) of all the data right here. The labels across the top of each plot are the Z, A, Energy (GeV), angle(degrees), the 4-momentum transfer at the top of the quasielastic peak (x=1) and the citation, respectively. N.B. Some of the data may not extend to x=1 as they are restricted to the threshold region.
Below are the given energies, angles, the number of data points and the citation for each unique dataset in the 6Li archive.

              Z  A E(GeV) Theta  Npts Citation
              3   6   2.500  12.000   40 Heimlich:1973
              3   6   2.700  13.800   47 Heimlich:1973
              3   6   2.700  15.000   46 Heimlich:1973