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The HELP!!! Section


For students enrolled in the course who have run into trouble accessing protected areas of the website, this page should give you guidance for utilizing the syllabus and navigating the password process. Fortunately or unfortunately, this will not help visitors or outsiders.

Adobe Reader

Many of the readings and handouts are available in portable document format [pdf], but not all of the students enrolled in EDLF 781 are familiar with how these documents can be accessed easily. Visit the Adobe Reader link if this is true for you.

APA Hints

In case you are not comfortable with the basics of APA citation and referencing, this section of the Help pages will give you links to APA guides and examples sites.

Editing Hints

There are common errors that can be easily avoided in your written work. Examine the sample items in Editing Hints area and utilize links to additional resources.


The World Wide Web offers much to us for ideas, resources, materials, articles, and research to support our efforts to improve reading and comprehension in content areas. This page has a representative cross-section of these, as well as a link to the companion website for the recommended course textbook.


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