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Recent Publications
Jones, R. (2008, Winter). The 'Why' of Class Participation: A Question Worth Asking. College Teaching, 56(1), 59-62.
Jones, R. (2008, Winter). Seeing Is Believing: Touting the Power of Strategies to Make Thinking Visible. CRISS Crafter, 15(2), 1-2.
Jones, R. (2006). When War Plays Us: A Different Childhood. Social Studies and the Young Learner, 19(2), 26-27.
Jones, R., & Thomas, T. (2006). Leave No Discipline Behind. The Reading Teacher, 60(1), 58-64.
Jones, R., Cunningham, A., & Stewart, L. (2005). A Collaborative Model for Influencing the Technology Integration Behaviors and Dispositions of Preservice Social Studies Teachers. Journal of Computing in Teacher Education, 21(4), 77-83.
Jones, R., & Lapham, S. (2004). Teaching Reading Skills in the Elementary Social Studies Classroom [How To Do It No. E2]. Social Studies and the Young Learner, 17 (2).
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