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If you click on the links, a Microsoft Excel workbook will be downloaded to your computer. These workbooks were written under Windows, and may or may not run under MS Office on Macintosh.  Recent versions of Office for Macintosh do not support Visual Basic for Applications macros, which all these workbooks include.  Earlier versions of MS Office on both platforms may not support all features used in this workbook. 


No warranties, expressed or implied, are made that this program is free from error, or is consistent with any particular standard of merchantability, or will meet your requirements for any particular application. This program should not be relied on for solving problems whose incorrect solution could result in injury or lost property. If you use this program in such a manner, it is at own risk. The author disclaims all liability for direct or consequential damages resulting from your use of this program, i.e., SOFTWARE THAT IS FREE HAS NO GUARANTEE!

Notice – Macros, Warnings and Viruses!

These Excel workbooks contain macros written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), so that when you open it in Office 2003 or earlier you will probably see a warning like, "[filename] contains macros. Macros may contain viruses. It is always safe to disable macros, but if the macros are legitimate, you might lose some functionality." Then you are given the choices: "Disable Macros", "Enable Macros" and "More Info". In the case of these spreadsheets, you must select "Enable Macros" or it will not work at all! (If you not even offered this choice, then your security is probably set at "High." You must have your security level in Excel set at "Medium," which allows you to "choose whether or not to run potentially unsafe macros.") My virus checker is set to update automatically every day (yours should be too!). You might scan these materials (and anything else containing macros you might download from the Internet) before opening them, but then you MUST enable macros!  In Office 2007 you will see a warning about enabling macros on the command line.  Again, you must enable them.



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