Picture of Axel;

Axel Saenz

University of Virginia, Mary Ann Pitts Postdoctoral Fellow.
UC Davis, Mathematics, PhD 2016.
Columbia University, Applied Math 2011.
Contact: ais6a at virginia dot edu

Research Interests:

Integrability and Probability. Bethe ansatz. Contour integrals. Eynard-Orantin topological recursion. ASEP. Polymers. Painleve equations.


Painleve Equations, Topological Type Property and Reconstruction by the Topological Recursion with Kohei Iwaki and Olivier Marchal, arXiv:1601.02517v1 (2016).
The Completeness of the Bethe Ansatz for the Periodic ASEP, with Eric Brattain and Norman Do, arXiv:1511.03762v1 (2015).
Quantum Curve and the First Painleve Equation, with Kohei Iwaki, arXiv:1507.06557v2 (2015).
My Dissertation (June 2016)

Personal Info

I know how to swim.
My PhD adviser is Motohico Mulase.


Instructor at UVa:
    Fall 2016: MATH 3100 (Introduction to Probability)
    Fall 2016: MATH 4110 (Introduction to Stochastic Processes)
    Spring 2017: MATH 4110 (Introduction to Stochastic Processes)
Instructor at UC Davis:
    Spring 2012: Math 16C (Calculus for Biology)
TA at UC Davis:
   Math 21B, 21C, 21D (Calculus for Engineering)

Departmental Service

Galois Group President 2015-2016 (UC Davis).
Galois Group Vice President and Treasurer 2014-2015 (UC Davis).
Graduate Student Association departmental representative 2012-2013 (UC Davis).

Awards and Honors

2016: Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics Graduate Fellow
2015-16: UC Davis Dissertation Year Fellowship
2014-15: UC Davis Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship
2012-13: GAANN Fellowship