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Having grown up in Mumbai and having played it since I can remember, I am obsessed with cricket. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve watching my dad play (always valiantly, often in vain) in Shivaji Park for his enthusiastic but rather unathletic team of portly medical practitioners. In this land of baseball, however, I'm restricted to following games by obsessively hitting refresh on Cricinfo, and to playing the occasional game organized by the Harvard Cricket Club. In the course of this exile from the land of cricket, however, I've come across some great sites on the internet. Enjoy!
  • This is extremely useful in explaining cricket to your American friends - its a comparison between baseball and cricket , which makes explaining the rules a lot easier.

  • Sledging, known as "trash talk" in the sports in this country, is one of the finer arts of cricket. The Australians are considered masters of this art, although for all their mastery they seem to be on the receiving end of the most memorable parleys in history (Eddo Brandes vs Glenn McGrath, Ramnaresh Sarwan vs Glenn McGrath, Robin Smith vs Merv Hughes, James Ormond vs Mark Waugh). Unfortunately, the rather colorful language in these exchanges means that I can't reproduce them here, but you can find some of the greatest sledges here, here, and here. My personal favorite list, with only references to the actors involved and not the incidents themselves, is below - let me know if you disagree:

    1. Rod Marsh and Ian Botham: for Botham's retort, not Marsh's original comment, which I'm sure is not original
    2. Eddo Brandes vs Glenn McGrath
    3. Ramnaresh Sarwan vs Glenn McGrath
    4. Robin Smith vs Merv Hughes
    5. James Ormond vs Mark Waugh
    6. Fred Trueman and Raman Subba Row
    7. Ravi Shastri and Australian 12th man
    8. Viv Richards and county bowler
    9. Javed Miandad and Merv Hughes
    10. Darryl Cullinan and Shane Warne

  • WARNING: only go here if you want your productivity to drop in half, or if you have immense self-control - but this is by far the most fun online cricket game around - Stickcricket