Standard Attendance Policy


Students may miss without penalty the equivalent of one week's worth of class (three MWF meetings, or two MW or TR meetings). Students who miss more than one week's worth of class will lower their final course grade by two-thirds of a letter grade for each additional absence. For example, if a student who would otherwise earn a C+ for this course missed four meetings of a MWF section, his final grade would be C-.)

Please note: The program does not recognize a distinction between excused and unexcused absences—an absent student misses class regardless of the reason. However, students shall not be penalized for absences that result from the following: varsity sports travel, or other travel in which the student officially represents the University; religious holidays; and serious medical crises for the student or a member of the student's immediate family. These sanctioned absences, however, do count against the total number of class meetings that the student is allowed to miss without penalty. Thus if a member of a varsity team misses four MWF classes due to team travel, she will incur no penalty for excessive absence. However, if that same student missed four MWF classes due to team travel and another two classes for any reason (other than University travel, religious holiday, or serious illness), she would lower her final grade two-thirds of a letter for each of the two non-sanctioned absences–regardless of when during the semester those absences were taken.

In all cases in which a student misses more than the equivalent of two weeks of class, the Writing Program administrators shall be consulted to determine whether credit will be granted for ENWR 110.