Claim and Reason, Where's the Warrant?

Identify/Generate the principle
Time: 15 minutes

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It's often easier for students to see warrants when claim and reason are stated closely together, as they are in these sentences. Do one or two together, then ask students to come up with the warrant for each sentence, then compare notes as a class.
You may want to write sentences that incorporate claims and reasons relating to your theme.
Scroll down for the worksheet and answer key.
Write down a warrant that links these claims and reasons.
1. Mrs. Krebopple is a rotten teacher; she's having an affair with the principal.
2. You should definitely apply to UVA; beer is cheaper in Charlottesville than in practically any college town for five states around.
3. It's pointless to get upset about yesterday's screaming match; there's nothing you can do to change it now.
4. Alex should never have been allowed to be the team captain; half the players on the team are more talented athletes.
5. Of course people are drawn to Jerry Springer; his show is completely brainless.
6. Parents should encourage their children to read about the smart, self-reliant Harry Potter; everyone wants their kids to act the way he does.
7. I had to miss class. The cast of "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" was appearing at the mall.
8. Don't be jealous of Sam's new car; your old one runs great.
9. I would never date Robin; I'm eight inches taller.
10. I've got to go to AFC and hit the elliptical machine; I just ate a brownie.
Answer Key
1. Good teachers don't sleep with the principal. (Or good teachers don't have sex, period.)
2. The best thing about college is cheap beer.
3. You should only get upset about things you can change.
4. The captain should be the best athlete.
5. People like stupid television shows. (People are stupid.)
6. Children will imitate the characters they read about.
7. "Buffy" is more important than school.
8. Be happy with what you have. New isn't always better.
9. Ideal romantic partners are tall(er than I am).
10. The purpose of exercise is to work off calories from "bad" food. (Or, the purpose of exercise is to work off guilt about "bad" food. Or, I hate my body.)