Final Portfolios

Final Portfolios

Due Friday 12/7

Your final portfolio should contain 8-12 pages of your best written work from the semester. In this portfolio, you should submit the latest revisions of two of your essays. These essays should be mechanically clean (no errors of spelling or grammar). You do not need to include your original drafts, or my comments, in this portfolio.


Additional Requirements:

1) Each paper should be preceded by a paragraph in which you reflect on the revision process. This gives you an opportunity to discuss the changes that you have, and have not made; the suggestions you have, and have not followed; and the problems you have had revising each paper. These paragraphs will be similar to those you wrote for the revisions of Papers #1 and #2.

2) You should gather these paragraphs and papers together in a folder. The type of folder you use is entirely up to you. Just make sure that your papers will not easily fall out of the folder you select.

3) Finally, you need to provide a title page for your portfolio. On this page, you should include your name, e-mail address (see below), and the date. You need not come up with a creative title for your portfolio: "Final Portfolio" will be sufficient.


Evaluation of Portfolios:

I will not return your final portfolios. Instead, I will send you an e-mail with comments on your portfolio, reflections on your performance in class, and your final course grade. Please include the e-mail address you would like me to use for this evaluation on the title page of your portfolio.