Job Descriptions and Application


Each year, the Writing Program hires a new director of first-year writing, Writing Center director and assistant director, and pedagogical elders.

Applications are usually due in late January/early February, and should include a CV and a letter outlining your interest and experience. For more information, contact the director of first-year writing or Jon D'Errico.
Director of First-Year Writing

The first-year director ensures that teachers and students have a dynamic classroom experience. To support instructors, the FYD develops curriculum, produces materials for the website, facilitates workshops, coordinates orientation, observes classes, and runs some staff meetings. The director works with the Writing Program staff to make a number of decisions about training, staffing, and pedagogy, and with other departments and agencies concerned with writing instruction at theUniversity. The position is great training for anyone interested in an academic career with an eye to the kinds of decisions English departments make; it is a rare opportunity to get such excellent experience and responsibility while still a graduate student.

Hours: 20 hrs/wk, May, September-April

Pay: $18000 plus tuition remission and health care voucher

Pedagogical Elders (aka, Ped Pod Leaders)

Elders instruct, supervise, and mentor first-time ENWR 110 instructors. Elders and first-time instructors participate in four days of orientation (two after spring exams, two before fall classes begin), during which elders facilitate small sessions on topics ranging from explaining the parts of an essay to energizing a slow discussion. Throughout the fall, elders meet with first-time teachers every other week to offer continued support. During the fall and spring semesters, elders visit each classroom to observe instructors, and then meet with instructors to provide helpful feedback. Working as an elder is a terrific chance to become morethoughtful about your own teaching, while you support (and learn from) other instructors.

Hours: 30 hours of orientation + 40 hours of meeting/observation, May, September-April

Pay: approx. $700/yr

Writing Center Director

The director oversees all administrative aspects of the Writing Center, including hiring, training, and supervising tutors; coordinating schedules at the Center and the athletic study halls; and setting up bi-weekly standing appointments for ENWR 105 students (as well as others who need extra help). A working knowledge of the Little Red Schoolhouse curriculum is crucial: the director provides pedagogical support for tutors, many of whom have never taught ENWR. By acting as a liaison between the Writing Center, students, and instructors from all departments, the director assists in identifying and addressing individual students' needs. S/he also develops and implements outreach programs such as dissertation and application essay writing workshops, tutoring at the First Year Resource Center, and responding to student writing workshops for TAs across the University. A terrific opportunity for those with special interests in writing pedagogy, or anyone who wants to shape students' and instructors' experiences with writing.

Hours: 20 hrs/wk September-May

Pay: $18000 plus tuition remission and health care voucher

Writing Center Assistant Director

The assistant director helps oversee the Writing Center's day-to-day operations and trains new tutors. Each semester the AD undertakes specific projects such as redesigning or updating the web page, coordinating dissertation workshops, or tracking standing appointments and no-shows. These tasks vary from year to year according to the assistant director's interests and the director's priorities. The assistant director also tutors students in the Center. The assistant directorship offers the chance to work closely and creatively with many different groups at the University: undergrads, grad students, TAs, faculty, and administrators.

Hours: 10 hrs/wk September-May

Pay: $12.50/hr