Orientation FAQ


What deadlines do I have to meet?
Submit your theme to Jon D'Errico (derrico at virginia.edu) by May 21.
Submit book orders by July 1
Submit a copy of your syllabus & course contract by July 15 (if you want feedback from Jon) or August 15. Send a copy to your elder, too. The syllabus should include daily goals and assignments for the entire semester, and lesson plans for the entire unit on argument (claims, reasons, evidence, warrants, acknowledgment and response).

How I can learn more about ENWR/LRS?
* The instructor website offers sample syllabi, lesson plans, activities, brief explanations of LRS principles, and much, much more.
http://faculty.virginia.edu/schoolhouse/WP (ID and password: eng-grads)
* The Craft of Argument is the best written explanation of LRS principles. If you don't have a copy, ask Robin or Jon for one.

Are there any requirements for ENWR courses?
* Students must write 4 argumentative essays (all at least 3 pages/750 words, one at least 5 pages/1250 words). There should be an opportunity for revision on all of these essays. Electronic copies of each essay must be submitted at the end of the semester as part of the SCHEV portfolio.
* Students must produce at least 25 pages of writing. (This includes substantial revisions.)
* You must hold a mid-term conference with each student.
*Students must earn a final grade of C- or above or they will have to repeat the class.
For more on ENWR policies and requirements, check out the WP website (http://faculty.virginia.edu/schoolhouse/wp.html); click on Policies and Requirements on the navigation bar.
How do I order books/compile readings?
There are several ways to compile class readings: you may order books at the UVA bookstore, you may post readings online, compile a course packet through a local bookstore, or compile a course packet through a publisher.
* To order books at the UVA bookstore: Submit a request through your class toolkit page.
* To post readings online: Submit a request to UVA's Instructional Scanning Services office, which will post readings to your class Toolkit page. For more details, go to http://www.lib.virginia.edu/leo/iss.html
* To compile a course packet through a local bookstore: Gather the readings you want and bring them to Brillig Books (on Elliewood Avenue, across from Take It Away). Brillig will clear the copyright permissions and bind the readings together. Students can buy the reader at Brillig. If you submit the materials early enough in the summer, students get a reduced price on the reader.
* To compile a course packet through a publisher: Certain publishers will bind together a book made specifically for your class, made up of your choices of the essays that the publisher owns. Check out www.mhhe.com/primis/online.

How do I make a class homepage?
Go to http://toolkit.itc.virginia.edu and click on "Reset a Toolkit Account." Toolkit pages allow you to post syllabi, readings, and other course materials; collect assignments electronically; set up discussion boards, even look at the scary ID photos of your students.

Where can I make copies?
In the department copy room (Bryan 219). Instructors may make up to 500 copies a month; get your instructor copy number from the main office administrator in 219.

Can I change my class time/days/room?
* You can only change class time or days by swapping with another ENWR class of the same number (that is, if you teach 110 you can only swap with another 110 section). Send a notice over eng-grads to see if anyone with make a change with you, and then notify Debi Hoffman of the change.
* To change rooms, send a notice over eng-grads to try to swap with someone else in your time slot. (Notify Debi Hoffman of any changes you make.) If that fails, contact Debi to see if there are any open classrooms during your teaching time.

Students are e-mailing me because they want to get into my class; what do I tell them? How do I keep a wait list?

In the name of all things holy and for the sake of your own sanity, please resist the impulse to keep a wait list. The best and easiest way for students to get into your class is through ISIS; if the class is full, suggest that they keep an eye on ISIS and hope that a spot opens up.
Whom should I contact with questions about ENWR/LRS over the summer?
You can reach Greg through writing-program at virginia.edu.