Page and Paper Requirements


At a minimum, instructors in ENWR 110 must assign at least 4 argumentative papers of 750 words (3 pages) or longer, and at least one of these papers must be 1250 words (5 pages) or longer. Each of these major papers must include an opportunity for revision.

To meet the College's first writing requirement, students must write at least 20 pages; to allow a bit of breathing room, the Writing Program expects instructors to assign a minimum of 25 pages of writing. (A page is equivalent to 250 words; because word counts are less ambiguous than page counts, we recommend that assignment sheets refer to minimum number of words rather than minimum number of pages.)

This 25-page (6250-word) minimum includes full essays. It also includes new text produced during the revision process. (For example, if a student's revision of a 750-word paper generates only a new hundred-word introduction, the page count for draft and revision is 850 words.) Exercises that generate text at the paragraph level or above also count toward the page minimum, as do student-written editorial evaluations of their own texts or those of their classmates.