Paper 2 Revision

Corrections and Revision of Paper #2


Due Monday 10/29

1) When grading your papers, I placed "x"s in the margin to mark mechanical errors (problems with grammar, spelling, or usage). You will need to look at these marks, discover your errors, and correct them. I suggest that you consult your Bedford handbook in order to discover and rectify these errors. You should make the necessary changes within your paper. Finally, you must turn in a separate list of your corrections. This list should show the original error, and then the corrected version of the phrase, sentence, etc. You should type this list.

2) Your revision should be based on class discussion, my comments, and your further thought on your own paper. The revision you hand in must be a substantial reworking of your draft. It is not enough to correct the mechanical errors that I marked. To receive credit for your revision you must make one major "global" revision and three smaller "local" revisions. A global revision includes reformulating your thesis, restating one of your reasons, rewriting the problem statement in your introduction, adding or altering evidence, etc. A global revision will impact your argument. Local revisions include rewriting transitions, improving sentences, clarifying your conclusion or introduction, etc. Local revisions will impact the paragraph in which they are made.

3) Once you have revised and corrected your paper, I want you to reflect on the changes that you have, and have not, made. In a paragraph of at least half of a page in length, tell me why you have made certain changes, why you have or have not followed my suggestions, what problems you have had revising this paper, what questions still remain, etc. Use this as an opportunity to share and to reflect on your process of revision.