Paper 3 Workshop

Paper #3: Workshops

Your Name __________________________ Author’s Name ____________________________


Part One: The Introduction

I. The Problem Statement

1) What is the status quo? ________________________________________________________


2) What is the destabilizing condition/ problem?_______________________________________


3) What are the consequences? ____________________________________________________


4) What is the solution/ claim? ____________________________________________________



II. Evaluating the Claim

1) Is the claim obvious? If so, how would you change it?



2) Is the claim contestable and supportable? If not, how would you change it?



3) Does it need to be more specific? How so?



4) Does it need any qualifications? Such as?



Part Two: The Body

I. Reasons and Evidence

1) Label (in the paper) and list (on this worksheet) all of the reasons used by the author.

Reason #1:

Reason #2:

Reason #3:

Reason #4:

2) Does each reason have its own paragraph? Where in the paragraph does it appear?

Reason #1:

Reason #2:

Reason #3:

Reason #4:

3) Is each reason supported by evidence? Label and list the evidence for each reason.

Evidence #1:

Evidence #2:

Evidence #3:

Evidence #4:


II. Acknowledgment and Response

1) Where does the author provide acknowledgment and response to opposing or alternative arguments? (Label and then quote specific examples.)



2) Which part of the author’s argument does each example of A&R support? (Does the A&R support the claim, the reasons, the evidence, or the warrants?)



3) Does the argument need to acknowledge and respond to any other arguments or points?



III. Evaluating the Argument

1) Does the argument meet the reader’s expectations? (Does the solution offered in the introduction match the solution offered in the conclusion?)



2) Tell us something the author did well in her argument:



3) Tell us something the author needs to work on in her argument: