Paragraph and Sentence Level Exercises

General Paragraph/Sentence-Level Principles

What You Already Know: Coherence and Cohesion

Reviewing Concepts: Toss and Tackle (New - 2006 Style Contest winner!)

Characters and Actions

Characters and Actions through Fairy Tales

Characters: Insiders and Outsiders

Missing Characters: Who's Responsible?

Car Recall Letter

Main Character = Story

Characters: Legal Responsibility

Characters and Actions: Working from Magazines

Getting Your Money's Worth from Style (New!)


Nominalization Translation

Nominalization: What is it?

Old to New

Old Information: Who Needs It?

Old to New: Making Sense of New Information

Old to New/ Topic & Stress/ Short to Long: Samples to Revise

Topic and Stress

Topic and Stress Variation

Topic Strings

Topic Strings: Sample Passages

Topic String Stories (New!)

Quirky Styles (New!)

Cohesion and Coherence

Greenspeak (New - 2006 Style Contest winner!)

Real World Sentences (New - 2006 Style Contest winner!)

Yes, Minister

Clarifying and Confusing: On the Job

Wired for Coherence