Permission to Use Assignments for Class Purposes

We often learn about writing best from looking at each other's writing, both to identify those aspects of papers that are going well and those that need work. For this class, I will from time to time want to excerpt a bit from a student assignment or paper and use that excerpt as an example that we can work through as a class or in small groups. In addition, I might want to use a paper or section of a paper as an example in a different or future class, or the Writing Program might want to borrow it for training or for use on its website for instructors. This form gives me your permission to do so.

If a paper or a section of a paper is used, names will blanked out and identifying marks will be removed, so no one will know that you wrote the paper (or the sentence, paragraph, etc.) unless you tell them that you did.

I do not want to use papers without your permission, and I know that having your papers or parts of them used might sound daunting. However, it will do a great deal for you and for the other students in this class and in other classes. Without the opportunity to use student work as an example of both common problems and common successes, the teaching of writing becomes far more difficult.
I do___ / I do not ___ give my permission to have my work used in this class and in other classes for the purpose of teaching.

Print name:___________________